Thursday, January 22, 2009

Launch of New Websites

I have been very busy at work lately as we have been closing out the year and rolling out our strategy for 2009. Between the various businesses that I am affiliated with, it seems that there is never a shortage of work to be done.

My partner and I have been working very hard to roll out some new, information rich websites that consumers and business owners alike will hopefully find useful and beneficial. A summary of our latest projects is as follows:

1. is one of our latest offerings on the web hosting front. The site offers insights and reviews on paid web hosting providers as well as free hosts. If you are looking to host a website or blog, this site can help steer you in the right direction.

2. is a site that helps business owners select the right shopping cart software for their ecommerce website. Online business has been a bright spot for many businesses during the current recession. This site can help a business owner find the right tools and solutions, including shopping carts, merchant services, payment gateways, and ecommerce web hosts that will help a business website succeed.

3. is a site that we have recently updated and relaunched. This website is jam packed with useful information and articles about credit cards and how to apply for one, managing credit card debt and developing good financial habits. We hope many people will find this site to be a valuable resource and help them improve their financial position.

4. is another site we have recently updated and relaunched with great information for business owners looking to accept credit cards in their business. Merchant accounts are the vehicle for accepting and processing credit cards for all types of businesses and this site will guide a business owner to the best merchant account provider for their unique situation.

We are excited about these sites and hope they will be of value to many people. To all of you bloggers that may see this post, we would appreciate any feed back or reviews on these sites. A link to these sites from a blog post or your blog roll would be much appreciated.

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daveberle said...

Useful resource for all new information with regards to business. Looking forward to it especially on merchant account related sites. I am running a retail business and am thinking of setting up a merchant account service for it mainly to add up more profit because majority of consumer now choose credit cards as a mode of payments. I have run up a merchant account consultation and I think U.S. Merchant Systems has one of the best merchant account service. Hope they will be included in the list.