Friday, August 15, 2008

Blogging and Politics

It is interesting how much of an impact bloggers have on the news we read each day. The main stream media has embraced blogging, but they use it as another tool to influence their readers rather than to have open dialogue on issues affecting their readers. I believe that independent bloggers are having a much larger influence than the main stream media on our news because of their desire to bring to light the true story of what's happening behind the scenes of a news story.

For example, in discussing his frustration with misinformation regarding an issue that came before the Utah Legislature, Representative Steve Urquhart specifically points out bloggers (along with special interest groups and big media) as having an impact on the information that filtered down to the public.

The beauty of blogging is it gives ordinary citizens, like me, a voice on issues that are important to me. I can share my thoughts and feelings about issues from my own unique perspective. The point - don't underestimate the power of the blog.

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